Research & Development

Machine in Factory

R&D Process 

Pouches / Trays / Cans Machines

Food research and development is not always an easy process. The specialized equipment and expertise required to develop new-to-the-world products can create a barrier to entry for emerging companies.

Samples food


Taste / Product Profiling

Take your concept from ideation to reality. Whether you’re developing plant-based proteins, protein crisps, puffed products, or something completely new, our industry-leading team of extrusion experts are ready. We will work with your team to determine your processing parameters, create samples and scale your product into production. This is all done while protecting your intellectual property with the utmost care.


Validation / Pre Production

Certification before Market

After the R&D work is complete, ExGourmet is able to fulfill your full-scale production runs, validate your process, ensure regulatory compliance, as well as reduce time to market. We will help you bring innovative new products to your customers and consumers.

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